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Irresistible chaats from India

Just by hearing the word, ‘chaat’, that tangy and sweet taste hits the mouth. In India, people drool over chaats, as they are not just snacks but the means of living. Foodies cannot do without chaats while the diet-freaks cannot just resist having them. The sweet, sour, crunchy and tangy taste of chaats makes everyone to crave for it even more. The exact name of the chaats might vary from one region to other, but what remains same is the addictive mash-up of flavors that these chaats are made with. Though India has an endless variety of chaats but discussed here are the ones that are widely known.

Go through the list of most tempting chaats under-

List of relishing chaats from India

  1. Tikki Chaat- This is one of the most relishing chaats that is much preferred by the chaat lovers. In India, one can get aloo tikki chaat at every chaat shop. In this, the tikkis are made with a mixture of mashed potatoes, coriander, spices and other herbs. The deep fried tikkis make the dish crispier and tastier. Also, the tikkis are topped with green spicy chutney, sweet red chutney, yogurt, beetroot flakes and other ingredients to make the chaat even more delicious.
  2. Raj Kachori- This is a dish that has its roots in Bikaner, Rajasthan. If you wish to enjoy the explosion of different flavors then this is the dish to be ordered. Here, you can savor the crispiness of the kachori while the stuffing of soft pakodis inside will create the perfect balance on your taste buds. Bhujia, yogurt, green pudina chutney, sweet tangy chutney, pomegranate and other edible items add more taste to the raj kachori. No doubt, the cool yogurt on the top of spicy chutney will be highly comforting.
  3. Papdi Chaat- If you like dishes with crisp and crunch then choose papdi chaat. You are going to love the crispiness of papdis that are further topped with onions, chickpeas, green chutney, red sweet chutney, yogurt, potatoes and others. Since different chaat makers prepare papdi chaat in a different way, you will experience a difference in the taste everywhere. What is sure is that you will like the taste of all. Also, you can get it customized according to your taste. If you like to add more curd to it or make it spicier, you can ask for the same.
  4. Jhalmuri- This dish is originally from West Bengal but is today available in other parts of the country as well. This particular dish has a mixture of puffed rice (muri), chopped onions, roasted peanuts, lemon and chillies. Also, the spices are added to it on the top to make it spicier. Different herbs including coriander and others are also used to garnish the jhalmuri. In fact, it will not be surprising to see some vendors adding a bit of green chutney to it to add that ‘chatpata’ taste to the dish. If you haven’t tried it yet then you must give it a chance now.
  5. Dahi Puri- Those who love panipuri love dahi puri too. In this dish, the spicy tangy water which is added in panipuris is not added here. Instead, the main tastemaker here is the curd (dahi) which is stuffed inside the puri. Dahi puri includes small puris that are stuffed with chickpeas, sev, mashed potatoes, spices, green spicy chutney, sweet chutney and other ingredients for the added taste. Coriander leaves are cut in small and are sprinkled over every dahi puri not only to make the chaat instagrammable but also to make it healthier.
  6. Bhelpuri- You can call bhelpuri, a close cousin of jhalmuri. They both are pretty same with bhelpuri having some extra ingredients. Bhelpuri has papdis, boiled potatoes, pieces of tomatoes and onions, a variety of chutneys and spices to top over the dish.

True that after reading so much about different types of chaats, you must be wanting to try one. To try your hands on one of these chaats, you need to look out for a shop or a restaurant that offers the finest variety of chaats with a great taste. You can just browse through the internet and look for the best chaat shops near your home. Make sure that the shop is reputed, experienced, licensed and popular among people. To know about the quality and its taste, you can read the customer reviews of the same. After you have hunted for the best chaat franchise in India, you can visit it to enjoy the most delectable chaats. Happy eating!

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