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India’s Mind-Boggling Variety of Street Food

The list of street food items in India is just endless. From North to South and East to West, you will find a vast variety of street foods in India. Well, street food is something which different people have different feelings. Some people enjoy eating out in open while as others have concern about hygiene and cleanliness. Though these are valid points but there is one important that no one can deny that the flavors and innovations offered by street food vendors are hard to replicate in fancy restaurants.

The best part of street food is that they are cheap and readily available in almost every street. Street foods are delicious. Unlike the most established upscale restaurants or food outlets, you can watch the vendors while cooking or preparing the food by your own eyes. The local vendors also take care of proper hygiene. They prepare and serve the food in the most hygienic manner. So, one can enjoy savouries, eating out in open. For those who are not at all ready to relish the dishes out in open areas for them, entrepreneurs have invested in many street food franchises in Delhi. One can simply sit in such restaurants and enjoy delicious street foods.

So, as we are talking about the India’s mind-boggling variety of street food then you should straightly head to the food capital of India. Yes! Delhi is the national capital of India but, quoting it as the ‘food capital’ would not be wrong at any way. Delhi is blessed with a mind boggling so street food from all over India as well as some from abroad. From desi Dahi Bhalle to fusion foods, you will find mind-boggling varieties of street foods in Delhi. If we start writing about all the street foods you can relish in Delhi’s street then it can easily fill a page or two but, here we will be talking about some of the most popular street food items that you can enjoy when you are in Delhi.

The main and popular Indian street food items are Gol Gappe, Aaloo Tikki, Chole Bhatoore, Dahi Bhalle, Poori Kachori, Chaat, Samosa, Bhel poori, kathi roll, Pakode with different stuffings and many more. And all these you can easily find anywhere in Delhi. Different varieties of chaat are the most popular among street food items in Delhi. You can pick from dahi vada, gol gappa, aaloo tikki, dahi bhalla and many many more, depending upon your cravings. Momos (dumplings) are another popular street food item of Delhi.  Along with this some other Chinese food like Chowmein cooked in a unique Indian style has gained some popularity too.

Indians love to eat street foods as both snack as well as meal. You can have a full plate of chaat as your meal or two samosas for your breakfast, etc. Although, a lot of north-Indian food is fried or deep fried food like samosa is not good when eaten in excess. So, watch out when you are eating outside. But, on a related note, some dishes from rest of India like dosa, idli, biryani, vada paav etc. which are considered proper meals in their places of origin are often eaten as street food snack in other places and the best part of eating these dishes is that they are super healthy and perfect for weight loss too.  This may be confusing for the tourists or foreigners as they don’t have much knowledge about Indian street foods. So, for this they will have spend some time observing the surroundings or get in touch with someone who is knowledgeable to explain all this.

Every dish that you will find in streets of Delhi has its own claim to fame in form of a good street food vendor. You should ask someone, preferably a local about Paranthe Waali Gali, Matke Waali Gali, Pan Mandi and a few more in Old Delhi. They can direct you as well to reach the food joints. And what make them famous is only the delectable street food items they served there.

The main hub of street food items in Delhi is the Old Delhi, which consists of Chandani Chowk, Chawari Bazar and a few other areas. There you will find the street food vendors who are selling their staple food item since generations now. There are many countries where you can get Indian foods easily but, unfortunately, food businesses in foreign countries are run by people from other countries, who haven’t been to India ever. So, the food served there, is only a very poor imitation of real Indian food.

To properly enjoy Indian food, especially Indian street food, you need to visit India and taste the original dishes at least once. Don’t worry if you are not comfortable with eating out in open as you can relish the street food delights in a posh or upscale street food restaurant in Delhi. And if you want to invest in street food business then you can buy street food franchise from Chaat Ka Chaska.

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