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Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Family

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The most awaited celebration of the year is right here. Preparations for this special day are going on full swing. Everyone is hunting for the best Valentine gifts for their loved ones. For making the even more special, people make reservation in the restaurants for a romantic candlelight dinner date but, usually people buy gifts to express their feeling for their loved ones.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on 14th February and this day provides an opportunity to us to have fun with our beloved, children and family. If you are planning to give a wonderful surprise to your family on this Valentine’s day then, look at the below mentioned ‘out of the box’ date plans which will help you to  celebrate this special day with your family.

Cook together

Normally in every house it is the homemaker or the housewives who cook the delicious foods for their family. But, cooking special meal together with your beloved wife or even parents on this special occasion will make the day even more special and memorable for you all. It is one of the great ways to celebrate Valentine’s day with your family.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children you can cook your child’s favorite dish and if not then, you can learn many streets foods recipes to prepare at home that your children love to eat.

Play games or do fun activities

Valentine’s Day is a day of love which should be celebrated with loved ones in the most amazing way and playing games or doing fun activities with your family is one of the best ways to celebrate this special day. There are many indoor and outdoor games that you can play with your family and kids. There are many games and fun activities ideas you will find over the Internet.

Go for a Vacation

Holidays are the great opportunity for you to stronger your bond with your family. Your children or parents will remember this day for lifetime. ‘Make it count’ by going on a vacation with your family. As you have only one day in your hand to choose a holiday destination so, you can choose any nearby tourist spot or location or you can also opt for staycation. Staycation is a good idea to spend some quality time with your family without affecting your budget. This would be a lovely surprise for your family and will make it a memorable affair to remember.

Valentine’s Day family moving night

What about spending the night by watching a funny or full family drama movie lying or sitting on the couch with your beloved family. Well, this would be really a wonderful way to make a memorable night with your family by spending quality time together, laughing together while watching a movie.

Family photo shoot

In today’s world where every second people take selfies to upload on the social media sites, taking family photos on Valentine’s Day is the thing you shouldn’t miss. You can spend the day by taking Valentine’s Day family photos, which you can frame later to decorate your home and cherish the memories.

Go out for lunch

It is common sight of every home in India having meal together with family but, it is also true that Indian families prefer to eat outside on special occasions. So, this Valentine’s Day plan to have meal together with your family. Go out for lunch and book a table in any family restaurant. There are many multi-cuisine restaurants franchise in Delhi that serve you delicious and popular dishes from all around the world, some also serve the street style foods that are prepared and served in the most hygienic manner. You can go to such family restaurants where you can have delicious delicacies like street foods, fusion foods, junk foods, desserts, etc.

Express your love for your family

Family is our life, no one can imagine their life without a family and we all know about that yet, expressing your immense love for your family is very important. Showing love is always good especially on the day of love – Valentine’s Day. You can tell your family how much you love them by creating greeting cards or presenting gifts to your family or you can also arrange a get together party where you can tell everyone about the importance of your family in your life.

These are some awesome and fun ways to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with your family and make the day memorable for you all. Apart from this you can also opt for giving gifts, flowers to your family member friends or just cook some special dishes for your loved ones and enjoy it together to make the day a memorable affair to cherish.

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