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15 Delicious Street Foods You Can Buy at INR 50 or Less in India

We Indians love foods and this is the reason that in India you will find ready to eat street foods everywhere. In India plenty of street food franchise available at very cheap prices. If you don’t think your budget is enough to have delicious and full meal to fill you up then, have a look on the below list of Indian street food items that are available at INR 50 or less.

  1. Chole Bhature

One of the most popular street food items in India is Chole Bhature. This is a perfect meal to sate your appetite. This is one of the cheapest meals you can have at the streets of India. One plate of Chole Bhature will cost you approx. Rs 30.

  1. Rajma Chawal and Chole Chawal

Probably the most fulfilling dish one can have in Indian streets is Rajma Chawal and Chole Chawal. A big ladle of chole and rajma over the steamed rice is enough to sate your hunger. Onion rings and pickle will be served as complementary with one plate Rajma Chawal and Chole Chawal. This is Rs25/plate.

  1. Momos

Who can say ‘No’ to these steamed dumplings that is popular in all over India. Momos are the basically the steamed dumplings, stuffed with veggies and meats for the non-veg lovers. You will find many vendors selling momos and this costs Rs20/plate for veg and Rs40/plate for non-veg.

  1. Litti Chokha

The traditional Bihari cuisines, now famous in all over India Litti Chokha is the Bihari version of Dal Bati Churma. What makes this dish unique from rest of the dishes is that you can eat this as breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. Litti is served with chutney and chokha and cost Rs 20/plate.

  1. Chole Kulche

One of the best street foods one can depend on to fill oneself up is a plate of Chole of Kulche. Chole topped with chopped onions accompanies with two kulchas. Rs 20/plate.

  1. Dosa

Straight from the South India kitchen Dosa is amongst the most popular street food items in India. Dosa is the crispy thin crepe with mashed potato filling and served with hot spicy sambar and chutney. You can have Dosa as breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will only cost you Rs 50.

  1. Idli Sambar

Another delicious street food that you can try is steamed Idli. Idli is considered to be the best and healthiest breakfast in the world as it is steamed pancake which is made with fermented rice and lentils batter. This is available Rs 30/plate.

  1. Kachori Sabzi

Kachori is the deep fried balls stuffed with lentils masala and served with hot spicy aloo ki sabji. The tangy flavored chutney on the side enhances the taste and eating experience. This yummy savoury is available at Rs 10/plate in the streets of Delhi and other cities.

  1. Street Burger

This time no McDonalds or Burger King, try the delicious street burgers that is available at only Rs 10 in Delhi.

  1. Bread Omelet

Whether you at railway stations, bus stand or anywhere else, this is the most common street food item you will find in the streets of India. The vendors sell the omelet encrusted with chopped onions and green chilies served with two white buttery breads @ Rs 20.

  1. Chow Mien

When it comes to street foods then you cannot forget to mention the Indo-western dish “Chauu Meen”. One can find many vendors selling Chow Mien with their own special menu. You can buy a full plate of Chow Mien @ Rs 50 /plate.

  1. Poha

If you are on weight loss diet Poha is the yummiest dish to sate your hunger when you are outside. The perfect breakfast for all who are diet conscious that is available at just Rs 20/plate.

  1. Parantha

Who doesn’t love aloo ke paranthe or gobhi ke paranthe? Well, in Indian streets the delicious and healthy stuffed paranthas are easily available for the working employees. As a meal with curd or pickle, Pranthas are available at just Rs 20 in the most North Indian cities.

  1. Sambar Vada

Just like the delicious and healthy South Indian dish Dosa and Idli, Sambar Vada is also the popular South Indian dish that you can have as breakfast at just Rs 30/plate.

  1. Samosa Chaat

Everyone loves the savoury dish Samosa Chaat, which is the combination of two most popular street food items in India Samosa and Chaat. You can enjoy a full plate of Samosa Chaat at just Rs 20 /plate.

These are the delicious street food items you can buy at Rs 50 or even less than this. So, don’t let your budget make you feel down that you don’t have enough money to eat delicious food available in the streets of India.

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