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11 States 11 Street Foods You Must Not Miss in India

The craze for street food in inevitable in India and there is no doubt in this. People can adjust with the taste of meals but when it comes to street food no compromise could be done in the same. India is the country that developed the taste buds for street food across the world. The country could be said as the inventor of street food and definitely there is no doubt in the same.

Indians are just crazy for street foods whether it is the small Sutta break or a romantic date with loved one, the first preference would be street food. If you are a foodie then we are here with some of the best information about street food in India. In this article, we are going to tell you about 11 Indian states with their best street foods. So, fasten your seatbelts because you are going to fly in the taste buds of delectable Indian street foods.

1) Punjab: Stuffed Paranthe:


Whether it is the house of Punjab or the local markets, you can very easily feel the aroma or Paranthas everywhere. If you are in this state, the butter coated Paranthas will make you drool. The complimentary lassi and achar makes the food even tastier. Amritsari Chholey Kulche is also one amongst the best choices of street foods in Punjab.

2) Delhi: Chholey Bhature:


Delhi being the capital of India, provides a variety in street foods but when it comes to select one best option then definitely Chholey Bhatura steals the show. The deep fried Bhature with the gravy of chickpeas makes it the perfect breakfast for Delhiites. If you are at the city, you can easily spot Chholey Bhature stalls all over. Momos, Chow Mein, stuffed Paranthe, Chholey Kulche, Dahi Bhalle, Papadi Chaat, are the other delectable options.

3) UP: Dal Kachori:


Being one amongst the significant states in India, the street food of this state is also significant. The state is well known for its Dal Kachori or Moth Kachori. The Dal stuffed Kachori dipped in Potato gravy, makes everyone drool.

4) Karnataka: Akki Roti:


Ragi balls definitely make a good choice for street food for the Kanadigas but Akki Roti is something that steals the show. Made with rice batter and onion, this makes a good complement with tea or coffee. Other than this Masala Puri, Idli Vada, Rava Dosa, also make a good decision for street food in Karnataka.

5) MP: Poha Jalebi:


The biggest craze for street food in India can be found in the biggest state of India Madhya Pradesh. If you are at MP, you cannot stop yourself from having Poha Jalebi, the perfect combination of sweet and tangy food. The flattered rice cooked with little Masala is served with sweet Jalebi in Poha in every street of Madhya Pradesh.

6) Bihar: Litti Chokha:


Bihar has given so much to India. Other than giving highest number of politicians and bureaucrats the state has also given the delectable Litti Choka. Flour balls coated with clarified butter is served with eggplant salsa and few Chutnies, will make you lick your finger.

7) Sikkim : Momos:


Momos or Dumplings whatever you call it, is one of the favorite street foods of India. If you wish to taste the authenticity of this Tibetan food then head towards Sikkim as you are going to find the best Mo:Mo here. Other than this you can try Thupka, Chow Mein and Sukuti here.

8) Maharashtra: Vada Pav:


Whenever people say Maharastra, I understand Vada Pav because other than the Indian film industry situated here; the state is famous for the cheap and best street food Vada Pav. Bun served with potato mash which is coated with gram flour and deep fried, is called Vada Pav. It is best compliment with tea.

9) Andhra Pradesh: Mirch Bhaji:


Though Mirchi Bhaji is served all over India, but if you want to try the best of it then head to Andhra Pradesh. You are going to taste the delectable stuffed chili coated with Bengal gram and deep fried in oil. Having it with cardamom tea will make your day.

10) Kerala: Paddu:


It is mini ball shaped Dosa and is considered to be one of the favorites of Keralites. You can very easily find this street food all across the state.

11) West Bengal: Kathi Rolls:


Last but not the least; the Kathi Rolls of West Bengal is something that should be in your list. If you are a true foodie then you could not afford to miss this very delicate Kathi Roll of West Bengal as it is something that will aid you to taste the authentic street food of the state. Mo:Mo also make a good choice for munching in the streets in India.

The number is still counting because every India state has its specialty in street food. Street food business has a great scope and this is a reason why brands like Chaat Ka Chaska have emerged. The brand provides street food franchise in India for those who truly wish to get associated with the delectable journey of street foods in India.

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